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  1970 In June, Land Rover launches a major new model line – the Range Rover. Suspension is by long-travel coil springs, endowing the vehicle with good road manners as well as remarkable articulation for off-road agility. Power comes from the new all-alloy, 3.5-litre petrol engine giving the big vehicle a top speed of nearly 100 mph. The Range Rover features permanent four wheel drive to cope with the power and torque output of the V8 engine. The Rover-designed two-speed transfer box shares a common case with the four-speed manual gearbox and has a vacuum-operated centre differential. The braking system has innovative dual-circuit hydraulics with all-round disc brakes. The two-door body features Land Rover’s trademark aluminium panels on a steel frame and embodies Rover’s latest safety technology including seat belts integrated with the folding front seats. The trim reflects the vehicle’s utility roots with its easily cleaned PVC coverings。

  6月,路虎推出的一款重要的新车型—揽胜。悬挂是长距离的螺旋弹簧,赋予车辆良好的道路性能以及出色敏捷的越野衔接能力。力量来自新的全合金 3.5升汽油发动机,使得这辆大型车的最高时速将近100英里。揽胜永久的四轮驱动特点,使其有能力应付大功率和扭矩输出的V8发动机。Rover设计的双速转移系统与四速手动变速箱一样使用同一个箱子,并有一个真空操作中心的细微差别。制动系统有创新的双回路液压与全能制动。双门的车身上印有路虎商标,钢架上的铝面板以及体现了Rover最新的安全技术,包括与前排折叠座椅相结合的安全带。车内的整洁体现了它的实用性,还有便于清洁的PVC皮套。

  The Range Rover is awarded gold medal for its coach-work while its safety features are recognised by the award of the Don safety trophy。


  1971 The Range Rover receives the RAC Dewar award for outstanding technical achievement。

  揽胜获得RAC Dewar颁发的杰出技术成就奖。

  The 750,000th Land Rover is produced。


  September sees the launch of the Land Rover Series III. The vehicles now feature an all-synchromesh gearbox and more powerful brakes with the long wheelbase 109 inch versions receiving servo assistance. The interior is updated with a revised instrument pack placed in front of the driver and a new top roll to the facia. Externally, the Series III introduces a new front end treatment with a revised lighting layout in a styled wing-front recess. This is complemented with a new plastic radiator grille。


  Using two Range Rovers, the British Trans-Americas Expedition leaves Alaska in December heading for Tierra del Fuego. One of the last great car journeys of the world left to be done, the real challenge lies in the jungles of the Darien Gap in Central America。


  1972 The Land Rover 1-tonne Forward Control is announced. Designed to a British Army specification, it is powered by a de-tuned, militarised version of the 3.5-litre V8 petrol engine used in the Range Rover。


  1975 Following years of industrial disruption, British Leyland is taken under state control to prevent its bankruptcy and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs。


  1976 The production of an 88-inch Station Wagon at Solihull marks the millionth Land Rover built。


  1978 Industrialist, Michael Edwardes, brought in by the Government to manage British Leyland, creates Land Rover Limited as a separate operating company. For the first time in its history, Land Rover is under independent management and government funding is promised to allow for a doubling of production by the 1980s。

  工业家Michael Edwardes被政府委派来管理英国Leyland,使路虎有限公司成为一个独立的运营机构。路虎史上第一次开始运作,并且政府承诺在20世纪80年代前让产量翻一番。

  1979 A new version of the Land Rover 109-inch powered by the V8 petrol engine is launched。


  1981 The four-door version of the Range Rover is launched。


  1982 Range Rover production reaches 100,000. Following the introduction of the four-door a year earlier, the company introduces an automatic gearbox option to the Range Rover using the three-speed Chrysler ‘Torqueflite’。


  The Land Rover ‘County’ Station Wagon variant is launched with improved interior comfort. The High Capacity Pick Up is introduced on the Land Rover 109。


  1983 Land Rover’s new Managing Director, Tony Gilroy begins a programme to concentrate production at the main Solihull plant。

  路虎新的常务董事Tony Gilroy,开始施行新方案,把生产力集中在Solihull工厂。

  The Land Rover One Ten is launched. The new vehicle uses the coil spring suspension of the Range Rover in a new stronger chassis frame. Other features include a five-speed gearbox, front disc brakes, a one piece windscreen and optional power steering. The extended wheelbase, Land Rover 127 also appears in Crew Cab form。

  路虎One Ten发布。新的车型为使用弹簧制动系统,拥有全新更坚固底盘的揽胜。其他特点包括五档的变速箱,前制动,一次成型挡风玻璃及选择性动力方向盘。加长的127英寸轴距路虎也出现在Crew Cab中。

  The Range Rover is upgraded with a five speed manual gearbox and other improvements. Annual production now tops 12,000 vehicles。


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